Nevada Probate Letters of Administration

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In Nevada Probate, Letters of Administration are a document that the Personal Representative shows to banks, government agencies and other institutions to conduct business and administer the estate.  Letters of Administration are the proof these entities will want to see to confirm that the Personal Representative has actually been duly appointed by the Probate Court.  Often, out of an abundance of caution, banks will also want to see the Order appointing the Personal Representative.   These are two different documents.  The Order is signed by a Judge while the Letters of Administration are issued by the Clerk of the Court.

When the Personal Representative signs Letters of Administration, they take an oath that they will faithfully perform their duties as Personal Representative.  A Personal Representative who violates this oath may be removed by the Court and/or may be found liable to the estate or heirs for their misconduct or negligence. In other words, it’s an oath to be taken seriously because at the end of administration, the Personal Representative will be require to account to the Probate Court for their actions and the condition of the estate.