Clark County Probate Court Approved List

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Clark County Probate Court Approved List
Clark County Probate Court Approved List

What exactly is the “Clark County Probate Court Approved List”?

Probate Court in Clark County, Nevada is held once per week, every Friday at the Regional Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.  Throughout the week, the Probate Commissioner’s staff reviews the various probate petitions and other filings to ensure they are compliant with Nevada’s probate statutes.   The Probate Commissioner’s staff updates an Clark County Probate Court Approved List of probate matters set for hearing on the upcoming Friday. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CURRENT APPROVED LIST.  The Clark County Probate Court Approved List provides notations as to which matters are approved, and which are deficient and why they are deficient (usually some sort of notice requirement has not been fulfilled).

Probate matters which meet the statutory requirements and are not opposed by Thursday at noon will be automatically approved.***  If you have an upcoming hearing in probate court, you should be checking the Clark County Probate Court Approved List to make sure there are no problems or hiccups with your matter.  If there are problems or deficiencies, work to immediately correct them.  Keep the probate court staff apprised of your efforts and actions to remedy any problems.

Here’s a screen shot of a recent Clark County Probate Court Approved List.  Below, I’ll walk through what the notations mean so that you can accurately read the Approved List as well.

Entries with “BIDS” indicate that real estate is set to be sold or auctioned at the upcoming Friday hearing.

“OK, NEED ORDER’ means the petition has been approved, but that the petitioning party needs to send down an Order to be signed by the Judge.

“OK” means the matter has been approved and that an Order has been received for the judge to sign.

“OFF CALENDAR” means the matter will not be heard on Friday. This could be because the petition does not meet statutory requirements and therefore cannot be heard, or more likely it was taken off calendar by the party who filed the petition.   By taking an item “off calendar,” the petitioning party will need to re-notice the matter if they want it to be heard.

“COURT’S DISCRETION” means the matter is disputed. Another party has filed some sort of opposing filing or briefing.  This means that the Probate Commissioner will hear oral arguments on the matter at the Friday hearing.

Notes in red are specific problems that need to be addressed in the respective estates.

***NOTE: Even if a matter is approved on the Approved List, any person can show up to the hearing and lodge and oral objection to the petition. At that point, the Probate Commissioner withholds the Order and resets the hearing for approximately two weeks out in order to allow the objecting party time to file a formal objection with the Court.  If the objecting party fails to file an objection, the petition will be approved at the next scheduled hearing on the matter.